What Diet??

We all love to eat. That's a given! At one point or another we're going to get a craving for something we genuinely like. If you love food like I do, then you absolutely HATE anything with the word “diet." However, we do know the importance of proper nutrition when it comes to getting and staying in shape. Well, what if I told you that you can construct your own meal plans revolving around your own total calorie and fat intake? (Remember the formulas? Target weight × 12= total daily calorie intake (TDCI) and Target weight × 4= total daily fat intake (TDFI).)

Let's say I want to tone myself up and reach a healthy weight of 165 lbs. My TDCI would look like this:

165 × 12= 1980 cal. & 165 × 4= 660 fat cal.

*Breakfast would account for 35% of those calories at 693 cal. (Note: This should be your biggest meal/calorie intake of the day as your body's metabolism slows down throughout the day.) Not a big breakfast person? Cut those calories in half to 346.5 cal. and have yourself a breakfast and brunch!

*Lunch would account for 30% at 594 cal.

*Dinner would account for 25% at 495 cal.

Notice how you have 198 cal. unaccounted for. These cal. Can be made up of 1 or 2 light snacks. All in all that's 3-4 whole meals plus 1-2 snacks! Awesomesauce!!! LOL! Let's not get crazy here. We need to stick to lean proteins, healthy fats, and carbs.

*Proteins: chicken, grassfed beef, turkey, fish and sea food, veal, eggs, protein powders, etc.

*Carbs: quinoa, wild and brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, etc. Healthy and ALL natural! None of that processed stuff with hard to pronounce ingredients.

*Fats: avocado, nuts (all kinds), seeds (all kinds), coconut oil, dark chocolate (in moderation), cheese, etc. Again, ALL natural!

I challenge you to incorporate this plan into your daily health habits and see if you can't reach your desired fitness goal. Are you game!?!?

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