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  • Is waist training safe?
    • Yes. Waist training is absolutely safe if done responsibly. Waist training and corset training are not the same. Our waist trainers do not have the strength to drastically change your body like corsets. They are made with flexible steel bones that allow you to move your body freely. Which is why you can workout in them. Corsets however are made so that you are not able to move comfortably. There is a lot of negative reviews on social media about waist training and most are simply untrue. If you have concerns or questions about the safety of our waist trainers, please contact us.
  • Are the results permanent?
    • With the proper eating and workout regimen your results can be permanent. If you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle your results will vary.
  • How long does it take to achieve desired results?
    • There is no definitive answer to this question. The results of waist training are dependent on many factors. Those include:
      • How long and how often you wear your waist trainer
      • How many days per week do you wear your waist trainer
      • Are you following a weight loss regimen
      • How often do you work out
      • Are you drinking enough water
  • Is it safe to waist train while you're pregnant?
    • No. Waist training is not safe during pregnancy. Once you have delivered your baby, we have products that will help you with your recovery.
  • Can you waist train after pregnancy?
    • Absolutely! Once you have received the green light from your doctor you are ready to begin your recovery process. Waist training after pregnancy can help you reduce swelling and may help guide your uterus and internal organs back into their proper place. You can get rid of that mommy tummy left behind.
  • Why do people waist train?
    • Waist training has many benefits. You can wear a waist trainer under your clothes for a special event or you can combine it with your workout regimen to enhance your results and lose inches in your waist. Below is a list of all of the benefits that our waist trainers offer.

    • How long do I have to wear the waist trainer before I go can go down a size?
      • If this is your first time wearing a waist trainer, start by hooking it to the first row of hooks. Wear it for ONLY 2 hours on the first day. Your body needs to get adjusted before you can wear it longer. On day 2 increase the time to 4 hours. Followed by 6 hours the next day and 8 hours on day 4. We do not recommend that you wear your waist trainer for more than 8 hours a day. Wear your trainer daily for two weeks. You can then hook your trainer on the second row of hooks. Repeat the process until can close your waist trainer on the 3rd row of hooks. You may then go down to the next size. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you need to move slower do so. Follow these steps with a healthy eating habit and workout schedule for faster results. Drinks lots of water!!! This is very important. If you do not like drinking water we recommend our infuser water bottles that can help you drink more by infusing your water with your favorite fruits.
    • Do I have to work out while waist training?
      • We encourage our clients to follow a healthy eating regimen and workout schedule to achieve faster results. Drink plenty of water! Results may vary.
    • Is it safe to wear a waist trainer while working out?
      • Yes! However, for beginners we do not recommend that you work out wearing our traditional waist trainer during heavy cardio exercises. Because the trainer is tight, it will take a long time for you to remove the waist trainer if you need to remove it quickly. Divine Beauty and Fitness, LLC. offers specific waist trainers that you can also wear while you workout. These waist trainers will help you sweat more and in turn help you lose inches faster and you can remove them easily and quickly.  
    • How do I wash my waist trainer?
      • Our waist trainers are hand wash only. Use cold water and gentle detergent. We do not advise using a washing machine for the waist trainers. For all other products follow the instructions on the tag for washing directions.
      • How do I know if a waist trainer is high quality?
        • Knowing if a waist trainer is high quality is simple. Below you can see how are waist trainers are constructed. They are the best, high quality trainers on the market. Beware with other waist trainers available in the market as they can fall apart after a few uses, but most importantly can hurt you and bruise you.
          • How do I measure correctly for the right size?
            • It is imperative that you measure yourself prior to ordering any waist trainer. It is best to measure using a flexible measuring tape. Below you will learn how to measure yourself properly. Please check the corresponding chart for the product you are purchasing on our Sizing Chart page.
                  • What is your return policy?
                    • We have a 30 day return policy and offer store credit. You may return your products if they meet our inspection requirements at our warehouse once product is received. Garments that have been worn are not returnable. Check our Return Policy for more details.
                  • Do you ship internationally? 
                    • Yes, we ship worldwide. 
                    • All orders take 1-3 days to process before shipment. We ship via USPS priority mail which takes 2-3 days to arrive anywhere in the US. Contact your carrier directly for shipping time for other countries. Divine Beauty and Fitness is not responsible for carrier delays on any shipments. Therefore, no refunds will be issued on shipping if packages are delayed. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link to track your package.
                    • International orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International for a flat rate of $15 USD.
                    • Please note, there may be additional duties, taxes or customs fees due upon delivery to international orders. These are the responsibility of the customer and are not collected by Divine Beauty and Fitness, LLC. nor are they included in the order total.