Another year down and an entire new set of goals to accomplish in 2020. A lot of us will take on new diets and challenge ourselves to new workouts. Some of us will do it for our health, others for body transformations. Of course our new year resolutions will only last about 2 months at best before we lose our focus. Ahh! What beautifully indicisive creatures we are!

 There's one main reason for this: We simply get tired of the same routine and lose our drive. We start focusing more on the “work" aspect of it and lose interest for the reason(s) we choose to start working out in the first place. So, how do we get back to that first day/week drive and enthusiasm? It's actually quite simple. Would you like to know? You can for one low price of... I'm kidding! Keep reading and I'll tell you...

Keep things fresh! Change your routine every couple of weeks, and/or rotate different routines in your weekly trials. Don't plan your workout routine ahead of time. Instead, wait minutes before you're about to start your workout to choose your routine. This tends to keep those negative thoughts from seeping into your mind and blurs your set goals. Look at your routines as personal challenges. This tricks your mind into thinking it's not “working" and is actually doing a fun activity which, is actually true. It'll give you the extra endorphines to go through with it.

The workouts I've found to be challenging and quite fun have been the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routines. They are efficient, not at all time consuming, and they continue to burn calories and fat long after you have finished. Try one out for size. This is how it will work:

You will receive 3 workouts. The first will be 10 reps of a total-body lift workout; second, 2min or set reps/distance of the cardio trials and; third, a body-weight finisher. Are you ready to ring in the new year with a rightful BANG!?!

Stay tuned for fresh routines! Until next time, push hard and drive through!

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