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Waist Trainer Extenders

Sale price$11.99

Do you have a waist trainer that is slightly smaller and you worry that you will have to return it or worse still never have use for it? Worry no more, we have the perfect solution!

This waist trainer extender is the ideal choice to get you started on your waist trimming journey. It adds extra inches to your waist trainer for enhanced fitting and maximum comfort. What's more, your motivation to achieve a more defined waistline is boosted knowing you can easily remove the waist trainer extender as need be until you reach your desired waist size

The waist trainer extender is designed to fit most traditional waist trainers without looking out of place. It is also easy to install, simply attach the hook to your waist trainers eyes and vice versa. Now you can achieve your fitness goal with ease!

Extra details:

If our largest size is a bit too small (6XL) or the size you ordered is too small and you don't want to exchange it, you can attach as many extenders as you need. 

Waist Trainer Extenders
Waist Trainer Extenders Sale price$11.99